Meet The Maker: Bakin’ Bae

Name: Ariel Pingault
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Something No One Knows About Me: I had a love/hate relationship with lavender for a long time after I baked a million lavender cupcakes and ate WAY too many of them. But when I started Pook’s and began incorporating lavender into what I made with other flavors and scents, I broke the cycle and now I can’t live without it!
Why I Started Baking: I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember; I come from a lineage of badass women bakers, so the love for baked goods runs in the family. I started getting serious about baking when I moved to Columbus for my first job out of college in fashion design (my day gig). I created a blog on break at work, where I kept developing recipes, and people kept asking where they could buy the sweets instead of learn how to make them themselves; so Pook’s was born!
My Favorite Thing to Bake: Lemon and lavender cake or cookies (I can never just pick one!)
Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 8.11.16 AM
Signature Scent: Lavender and Brown Sugar
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#BossMama: 9 Apps that will make your life easier.

IMG_0756-1-4.jpgWith a full time job, 2 babies running around and a small business to run, time is of the essence in our household. In a perfect world I would be the mom that remembers all of our doctors appointments, the boss that is amazingly creative and organized and the gal you look at like “wow she always looks so put together”. But lets face it I’m only some of those things part of the time and I need help achieving that. I rely on a mix of apps and planning tools to keep my life in check and I wanted to share those with you in hopes they help you achieve optimal #BossMama status. This is a long one but there’s a mix of pics, video and even a printable in this post so lets get started.

Workin’ 9 to 5

Boss Tools

Planoly– Social media has honestly taken over the world; developing a bomb instagram page can be a lot of work and planning. I discovered this amazing free app about a month ago and it has become my favorite business related app of all time. With Planoly you can pre plan your instagram page, store hashtags, schedule post (AND they will post them for you #YAS). I spend a lot of time using this app, mostly in the beginning of my week so I can kind of set it and forget it. Another great thing about this app is that it also comes with a great desktop version.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 1.17.46 PM

Spark Post– Have you ever been scrolling through instagram stories and come across story that seems commercialesque? (I made that up) Adobe Spark Post is a paid/free app you can use to create ads, information pages, fun lifestyle videos, the works. I personally like to use it to create videos on my Savage Glow Insta page  to share skincare tips, tricks and my personal skincare routine.

My Planner– Shout out to all the planner girls and guys out there. My planner is life period. I recently switched from the #ErinCondernGang to a Happy Planner and I couldn’t be happier. (see what I did there) My planner is set up in 3 month increments and I remove the upcoming months just to keep it thin. Each month I have a specific goal for myself in the categories of Fitness, Financial and Business/Personal, the cool thing about the Happy Planner is that you can buy tons of extras. Check out the video below to get a better idea of how I set up my planner.

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Changing my name in 5…4…3…


Productive– Establishing a daily routine is really important for me, not only for achieving my fitness goals but also just keeping out home life flowing nicely and the house as clean as it can be with a 1 and 3 year old. I love the productive app for a few reasons:

  1. Its great at helping you establish habits like working out, making the bed, watering the plants etc. I really like that you can pick specific times and dates that these items need to be knocked off your list.
  2. The life log is so helpful. Its a visual tracker of how well you are doing. A solid green bubble over the date records if all task were completed and a green outlined circle over the date records if some take were completed.It also shows how many perfect days you have had, your current streak, total habits done and Average per day.
  3. Like most apps this one has a reminder setting but it will also give you a heads up on how many upcoming task you have left.

Be Focused– This is a timer app, it works in 25 minute working  increments with 5 minute breaks. This app has helped me stay on task because I know I only have 25 minutes to get a task completed. Of course if I need more time I take it but I mostly use this to plan time for cleaning rooms, answering emails, and brainstorming.

Avery’s Chore Chart: My girl is lively… if you are a parent you know what that means, if you are not it means she’s hype AF haha. I started to notice she listens better with a behavioral chart. We also wanted to start teaching her about money and saving, and what better way to do that than making a behavior and chore chart. Each day she has certain behaviors she needs to work on ie. listening, eating her food, taking a nap. Then she is assigned a daily chore. At the end of the day we go over her daily behavior, if she did great she gets a star if not its blank. We have a 3 strikes rule so she can only miss 3 behaviors during the week and still get her prize. Once the week is over she gets $3 (based on her age)  to put in her piggy bank and she gets a toy of her choosing. We don’t always pick a toy so you can swap toys for activities like going out for ice cream.

Want your own? Enjoy this Free Printable!

Dave Ramsey Every Dollar– I recently joined the cult that is Dave Ramsey and it’s really the best thing I’ve ever done . If you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is shame on you heres a link to his Total Money Makeover. Dave works in Baby Steps, I’m on Baby Step #2. I’ve always been a decent budgeter but the every dollar app follows Daves 0 based budget so every single dollar that comes in this house has a job.

Step 1: Save $1000 for an emergency fund.

Step 2.  Pay off all debt besides the house

Step 3 Save 3-6 Months of expenses

Step 4: Invest 15% of all household income into a Roth IRA and pretax retirement

Step 5: College Fund for kiddos

Step 6: Pay off Mortgage

Step 7: Build wealth and give.

But First


Weight Watchers: One of my goals this year is to develop a healthier lifestyle, I had a baby almost 2 years ago but I’m still eating like I had my son yesterday. The Weight Watchers Freestyle Program keeps me in check and really helps me focus on eating healthy food not just focused on staying in my point range. If you sign up for the 3 month online only plan its only about $5 a week.. not too shabby. What I love about WW is that I don’t feel restricted at all, with the new program there are so many 0 Point foods like shrimp, chicken breast and even eggs, so its is easy to find foods you love but also have your cake and eat it too!

Bible App: Let me just say I am by no means a perfect Christian, I cuss way more than I should and drink more than the average mama but I have always found immense comfort in The Lord. I really love this free app because it offers TONS of devotional plans, video and nicely designed lock screens with Bible quotes. I’m currently reading:

No More Unglued Mama Mornings

Weight Loss, God’s Way

Fiercehearted, Live Fully, Love Bravely

Beach Body On Demand– I love working out, I use it as my time to clear my head and sometimes even shake my rump. The Beach Body on Demand app is awesome because it has a ton of work outs from strength, pilates, yoga and cardio and even features meal plans and workout calendars if you are following a specific workout plan. This app cost $13 monthly or you can buy it for the year for a one time charge for $99.

StyleSeat– Mommin’ ain’t easy I love style seat because I can quickly find a great hair stylist or manicurist in my area. I actually found my manicurist through this app and she’s well…Amazing.


I hope you find some of these apps helpful either in your personal life or work life. Feel free to share some of your go to #BossMama apps below!

Business, #Momlife and Skin care.


It’s my birthday!! I can’t believe today marks my last year in my 20’s. It feels like just yesterday I was boozing it up at the pool with my roommates on Ohio University’s campus. Now I’m sipping wine out of my daughters’ Cinderella cup in a suburb in Blacklick. After college I wanted to move to Texas and become a clothing boutique owner, but once I moved back to Columbus, my Southern Belle dreams faded and I got comfortable in a familiar place with a job that paid the bills and then some. Into my third year in finance I was ready to get the hell out of there. I’m a creative spirit and the only numbers I really like are ones that make me cash money taking over the 99s and 2000’s. SO… I quit, cashed out my 401k and started a business. Through trial and many errors I now run the small fine tuned machine that is now Savage Glow, and I finally feel alive.

At around 24 I honestly thought I had life down. What little finances I did have were straight, I had a great boyfriend, my skin was poppin’, and my business was running smoothly but then I got pregnant. Pregnancy for me was a total and complete nightmare, I had moderate to severe depression and I was barely functioning on zombie level. Every single day I would get up to sob hysterically, sometimes I didn’t even know what about, I just knew I was sad. At this time I could barely take care of myself let alone a business so I closed my shop and just tried to survive.

Fast forward to 29, I survived pregnancy (twice), reopened my shop and I’m now chasing a threenager and one year old who cries and whines 80% of the day. As I sit here to reflect on this little life of mine I’m reminded that I am strong. I was strong when I decided to leave my familiar job, strong enough to carry two beautiful humans through depression, strong enough to ask for help when I knew I needed it, strong enough step out of my comfort zone and now strong enough to juggle mothering both a business and babies.

I can only hope that now as I grow as a woman that I continue to remind myself every day of how strong I really am. Texas is now a distant memory, I’ve since shifted #southernbellegoals to Nashville, I’ll probably never use my degree in fashion besides coming up with darling outfits for my littles and that’s ok. I now use my heart and hands to develop products that help women embrace and love their natural glow and well, thats alright with me.


Things I have learned

Along the Way

  1. What’s holding you back is the thought that something is holding you back.
  2. No one gives you a trophy for being the mom that does it all. So ask for HELP.
  3. You weren’t put on this Earth to please everyone. There will be someone who doesn’t like you and thats ok because in the mirror there is a person who does.
  4. My purpose in life is show my daughter you can do anything.
  5. Develop a skincare routine early in life so you can ideally look like Angela Bassett at 59.

Hot Mama: Boudoir Shoot with JJ Noel

Having a mom bod is WACK. Super wack.

Or at least thats what I thought for way too long.

One day I was IG stalking (what else is new) and I stumbled upon @jj.boudoir‘s page and HOOOOLLLY SHIT was all I could say. As I scrolled through all 427 post I was amazed at the beautiful photos of these strong, gorgeous women. “I have to do this” I remember thinking but then I quickly reeled that thought in when I remembered my newly shaped mombod. My excitement for being one of those strong, gorgeous women on her page quickly faded and turned into me picking apart my body but something in me said “just go for it.”

Jimmie and I’s 5 year anniversary was approaching and I had no idea as to what I should get him, he’s  a very simple guy but shopping for him is oddly difficult. So I scheduled my shoot with Jessica of JJ Noel Imagery, worked out and ate like a rabbit for the next month in preparation for my shoot.

After having 2 kids within a 2 year time frame, feeling sexy was at the bottom of my “how I feel today” list. During my shoot I was NERVOUS, like horrified nervous, but Jessica was so sweet and made it so easy for me to relax. The whole time I can admit to thinking “Omg, I’m about to get these pictures back and have to hide them because I’m just not going to look as good as she’s saying.” Jessica was a true professional, making little jokes here and there to make me more comfortable, flawlessly directing me and even setting the mood with some of my favorite songs.
When we were done I felt hot… but worried.
I met up with Jessica about 4 weeks after the shoot to get my photos and y’all…. I cried on the way home after I received my little black book because I honestly couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were. My self doubt faded, my mombod was rockin’.
Over the past few months after my shoot I’ve been feeling less and less self conscious, my intent to gift my sweetie with some sexy photos ended up being the best gift I have ever given myself. No matter what size I am now, or how things have shifted post baby I’m still a badass. I mean I am a mom with a skull tattoo after all.
If you are interested in taking some amazing boudoir photos with Jessica check out her site HERE. Tell her Morgan T sent ya.

#TAIT: Himalayan Pink Salt

If you are new here, welcome! If you aren’t… hey girl hey! We’re talking about Himalayan Pink Salt today. One of my favorite things to do on our Insta is share some of the amazing benefits natural products can have on the skin.   Let’s dive into Pink Salt baby.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Detoxifies: This mineral acts like a vacuum, cleaning your pores of dirt, grime and bacteria.
  2. Exfoliates Dead Skin :Exfoliation is key in keeping skin healthy and soft.(remember this)
  3. Treats Acne : Pink Salt has antiseptic qualities that kill acne causing bacteria!
  4. Softens Skin: Provides a natural protective layer which prevents skin from drying.
  5. Balances skin pH: Naturally levels your skins surface chemistry, which determines your skins glowing appearance.


Digging these amazing benefits? Check out our new Whipped Strawberry Champagne Salt Scrub here!